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Molly Bordonaro
Wins Oregon 1st District
Congressional Republican Nomination

          22 May 1998: Molly Bordonaro has won the Republican nomination for the first district congressional seat from Oregon. Ms. Bordonaro's Democratic opponent is likely to be attorney David Wu, who is locked in a tight race with Linda Peters. Oregon's largely mail dependent election process requires longer to tabulate ballots, and in one recent senatorial election the final result was not known until three days after the polls closed. Ms. Bordonaro leads John Kvistad with 66.5 percent of the vote, with 73 percent of the precincts reporting. Mr. Kvistad is a seasoned politician, presently serving as Chairman of Metro, the regional government unit that has adopted Portland's 2040 Plan

          Ms. Bordonaro got her political start rising from an internship to Senior Legislative Director of the American Legislative Exchange Council between 1991 and 1995. There she led the organization's efforts to defeat the health care program proposed by President Clinton and developed an alternative market based health care proposal. Some of these proposed reforms have been enacted by Congress and state legislators. Ms. Bordonaro served at ALEC with Executive Director Samuel A. Brunelli and The Public Purpose publisher, Wendell Cox, who was Director of Policy.

Oregon First Congressional District
Republican Primary Election: May 19, 1998
73 Percent of Precincts Reporting
Molly Bordonaro
John Kvistad

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