Dulles Airport Rail: Washington, DC

Urban areas around the world are facing seriously increasing traffic congestion. Virtually all new urban travel demand is projected to be for automobiles. Yet, much of the funding available for urban transport is being committed to public transport systems that proponents, imply are an alternative for reducing traffic congestion. In fact, there is no data to support this contention.

Many proposed public transport systems are hideously expensive. Rational proposals for improving urban transport would involve costs that can be sustained throughout the urban area. This would be both economically efficient and equitable. "Irrational Transit" will highlight some of the worst proposed systems

IRRATIONAL TRANSIT: Dulles Airport Rail Line (Washington, DC)
Capital & Operating Costs per New Passenger $38
Cost per Annual new Commuter $17,308
Capital & Operating Cost per New Passnger MIle $3.21
(Assumes average trip 1/2 o route length)  
Cost if all Washington urbanized area travel were at Dulles Rail Costs $156 BILLION
Gross Income of Washington urbanized area (2001) $156 BILLION

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