Denver Public Transport Board
Limits Vendor Contributions to Rail Election
Copy of Board Resolution Attached


Denver's Regional Transportation District (RTD) has passed a resolution barring contributors of more than $100 to the November "Guide the Ride" referendum from RTD contracts until 2015.

If voters pass the referendum, the RTD sales tax will be increased, with proceeds used as follows through 2015:

  • $4.1 billion (not inflation adjusted) for fixed guideway construction (primarily light rail) and related debt service.

  • $0.1 billion for other capital needs

  • $1.6 billion for operating subsidies
Debt service of $1.1 billion would be paid from 2016 to 2035.

A copy of the board resolution follows.


"Guide the Ride" is Not for Sale

WHEREAS, The Regional Transportation District has referred to the November 1997 ballot the "Guide the Ride" plan call for an increase of 66.6% in the RTD sales tax rate.

AND WHEREAS, the Directors of the Regional Transportation District are committed to open and honest elections, free from the influence of special interest and financially concerned forces.

LET IT BE RESOLVED, that in the even the "Guide the Ride" sales tax referendum wins passage, the district will not enter into any financial or contractual relationship, until the year 2015 with any individual or entity who donates more than $100.00 after August 1, 1997, in a contribution or a contribution in kind as defined by Colorado Statute 1-45-103, directly or indirectly, to any campaign whose purpose was to effect the outcome of the referendum. Any contracts with such individuals or entities in place before the election shall remain in place. However, no further contracts will be entered into with such individuals or entities.

LET IT FURTHER BE RESOLVED, that in the event of passage of the "Guide the Ride" referendum, staff is directed to compile a list of donors to such campaigns, as reported to the Secretary of State's office, and supply that list to the board, media, and staff., in order that they may use it in evaluating bidders.

LET IT FURTHER BE RESOLVED, that staff will inform all merchants on its list of perspective bidders on this resolution, by whatever means deemed most efficient most efficient and speedy. Notice of this resolution shall be published in whatever trade and new publications deemed appropriate.

Passed and adopted by the Board of Directors of the Regional Transportation District on this 19th day of August 1997.

Ben Klein
Chairman of the Board

Rosemary Paolillo

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