Automobile and Public Transport Externalities: USA

Economic externalities is a contentious issue in transport. One side, reflected by the data below, attempts to establish prices to estimate impacts of the automobile that they believe are not sufficiently quantified by the economic system. The other side, which includes The Public Purpose generally opposes any attempt to establish policies based upon administratively or academically estimated prices, since, as Nobel Laureate Frederik Hayek put it, the market price cannot be known outside of the market.
Based Upon Estimates by Mark Delucci    
Mode Low Estimate High Estimate Average
Automobile $0.031 $0.155 $0.043
Bus $0.330 $0.570 $0.400
Light Rail $0.270 $1.090  
Metro $0.170 $0.530  
Overall Public Transport $0.265 $0.556  
Per Person Mile (USA)      
Compared to the Automobile      
Automobile 1.00 1.00 1.00
Bus 10.56 3.68 9.28
Light Rail 8.64 7.03  
Metro 5.44 3.42  
Overall Public Transport 8.48 3.59  
Calculated from Mark Delucci, "Should We Try to Get the Prices Right."    
Automobile passenger mile data calculated at national average of 1.6 vehicle occupancy

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