Public Transport Use in
Three World Urban Areas
Exceeds Total US


Public transport ridership in Tokyo, Mexico City and Moscow exceeds the annual US total, according to estimates released by the Urban Transport Fact Book on 31 October 1999. The estimates are based upon data from Jane's Urban Transport, the USNational Transit Database and other sources.
  • Annual passenger journeys in the Tokyo-Yokohama metropolitan area are estimated at 15.4 billion, 2.4 times tha estimated US total of 6.4 billion (1997, assuming the 0.79 transfer factor from the 1995 Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey).

  • At 10.5 billion, Mexico City carries 1.64 times the US volume. It is believed that the Mexico City figure could be significantly underestimated due to under-reporting of private minibus services. Mexico City public transport ridership is now approximately five times that of New York.

  • At 10.1 billion, Moscow carries 1.58 times the US volume. It is believed that the Moscow figure could be significantly underestimated due to non-reporting of data for the extensive regional rail (Russian Railways) services.

  • Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto and Shanghai carry more than 6 billion annual passenger journeys, nearly the same number as the US total.

Estimated Public Transport Ridership:
Ranked by Passenger Journeys:
Compared to US Annual Total
Based upon Data at 9910
Rank Connurbation Estimated Annual Passenger Journeys (000,000) Estimated Annual Journeys per Capita
1 Tokyo-Yokohama 15,390 508
2 Mexico City 10,520 724
3 Moscow 10,070 765
  UNITED STATES: All 6,400 23
4 Shanghai 6,100 554
5 Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto 6,050 358
6 Hong Kong 4,630 971
7 Seoul 4,590 290
8 Mumbai 3,870 307
9 Beijing 3,140 429
10 Buenos Aires 2,950 268

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