2000 US Light Rail Work Trip Market Share

Rank Metropolitan Area Light Rail All Transit
1 Boston--Worcester--Lawrence, MA--NH--ME--CT CMSA 0.421% 8.820%
2 San Francisco--Oakland--San Jose, CA CMSA 0.416% 9.378%
3 Pittsburgh, PA MSA 0.318% 6.105%
4 Portland--Salem, OR--WA CMSA 0.286% 5.674%
5 New Orleans, LA MSA 0.205% 5.299%
6 Sacramento--Yolo, CA CMSA 0.195% 2.666%
7 Philadelphia--Wilmington--Atlantic City, PA--NJ--DE--MD CMSA 0.173% 8.624%
8 Salt Lake City--Ogden, UT MSA 0.162% 2.958%
9 San Diego, CA MSA 0.156% 3.311%
10 Cleveland--Akron, OH CMSA 0.083% 3.328%
Source: Calculated from US Census Bureau Data
Top 10 Metropolitan Areas over 1,000,000

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