Former New York & Toronto Transit Chief
Criticizes Worship of Urban Rail

In an interview with NovaeResUrbs, a Toronto periodical (2 November 1998), David Gunn, former Toronto Transit Commission and New York City Transit Authority general manager, criticized the tendency of public transport authorities to build urban rail projects. Gunn questioned construction of the latest Toronto subway line.

    You would never have built the Sheppard subway if the decision was based upon transit principles. The only time you build a subway is when the street is clogged with buses.

He continued:

    ... today subways and light rail have become icons of development.

When asked whether the Gardiner redevelopment in Toronto should include public transit, Gunn responded:

    As long as it's a bus.

Gunn has been acclaimed for his turnaround of both the New York City subway and Philadelphia's transit system (SEPTA) in the 1980s. He also served as general manager of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority before taking the job at the Toronto Transit Commission. Gunn retired in 1998.

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