The Two Lexus Line:
St. Louis East Side Light Rail Extension

Item St. Louis Eastside Line
Cost per New Ride $39.72
Annnual Commuter Cost $17,876
Career Commuter Cost $715,026
Exhibit: Annual Car Lease Cost
Lexus 430 $9,872
Lexus IS300 $5,073
Total $14,945
Rail capital costs from FTA  
Capital costs discounted at 7 percent over 40 years.
Operating costs estimated at $15 million annually
New commuters based upon change in ridership first three quarters of FY 2002 v. FY 2001
450 Commuter trips per year (225 two way trips)
40 Year Career  
Car lease costs include monthly payments, down payment and capital reduction payments (all costs of lease)
Lexus 430 cost based upon quote 2002-07-31.
Lexus IS300 cost based upon advertisement in St. Louis Post-Dispatch by Plaza Lexus, 2002-07-31 (Page F-14)

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