US Public Transport Market Share Drops 10% from 1990

From 1990 to 1999, transit ridership rose 11.4 percent. At the same time urban personal vehicle use (automobile, SUV and personal truck) increased more that twice as much, at 24.0 percent. The result is that public transit's market share dropped 10.0 percent, from 2.05 percent to 1.84 percent. During the 1990s, public transit captured just 0.98 percent of new urban travel, less than one-half its market share at the beginning of the decade.

Year Estimated Urban Personal Vehicle Passenger Miles Public Transport Passenger Miles Public Transport Market Share
1990 1,966.4 41.1 2.05%
1999 2,438.8 45.8 1.84%
Change 24.0% 11.4% -10.00%
New Travel: 1990-1999 472.4 4.7 0.98%
Data in Billions of Passenger Miles.
Estimated from data in National Transportation Statistics, FHWA Highway Statistics and American Public Transportation Association.
Latest data as of 2001.08.04

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