Chicago CBD & Urban Area Commuting Profile: 2000 (20060604)
The Illusion of Transportation Choice: Chicago (20060220)
Suburban Rail (Regional Rail, Commuter Rail) in Chicago (20031025)
City of Chicago Journey to Work Trends 1990-2000 (20020517)
Chicago CBD(Downtown) & Public Transport Compared to Elsewhere in Area (20010828)

Chicago: Public Transport Commuter Rail (Suburban Rail) Commuting by Sector (20010829)
Chicago: Public Transport Commuting by Sector (20010829)
Chicago Central Business District Density and Work Trip Mode by Sector (001123)
Chicago Metropolitan Area: Market Share & Income by Commuting Mode: 1990 (000525)
Commuter Rail Market Shares: CBD & Outside: Boston, Chicago, New York & Philadelphia: 1990
Rescuing Transit in Chicago: Redirecting CTA to Serve Customers First
Chicago Transit Authority Ridership from 1979

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