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Note: Because of its slow operating speed, light rail is not classified as rapid transit.

Seattle: The Campaign for a Reasonable Alternative

Freeway Lanes Carry 8.5 Times Light Raiil Lines (20060923)
Light Rail & Freeway Lane Passenger Kilometers per route Kilometer (20060923)
Light Rail & Freeway Lane Passenger Miles per route Mile (20060923)

Auto Use Rises Strongly in New Rail Urban Areas: USA (20051229)
USA New Rail Urban Areas: Road Traffic Increase (20051229)
New Light Rail in the US: Promise and Reality (20050309)
How Leasing New Cars is Less Expensive than the Hiawatha Light Rail Line: Heritage Foundation Commentary (20050516)
How Leasing New Cars is Less Expensive than Rail: Heritage Foundation Commentary (20050516)

Transit Oriented Development: St. Louis Eastside Line (20041214)
Where Rail Transit Works and Why (20031220)
Urban Rail & Traffic Congestion (20031206)
If Money Grew on Trees.. Flyvbjerg on Infrastructure Lying - The Public Purpose #67 (20030706)
Where Urban Rail Works & Why (20031110)

Policy Point #12: Bus Capacity Equals Light Rail (20020810)
South American Daily Busway Ridership Compared to US Transit Ridership (20030519)
South American Daily Busway Ridership Compared to US Rail Ridership (20030519)
The Public Purpose #60: Loss of 177 Light Rail Projects Threatens L.A. Transportation Funding (20030606)
Houston Chronicle's Vast Light Rail Conspiracy? (20030127)

Policy Point #12: Bus Capacity Equals Light Rail (20020810)
Urban Rail: Less to Lease Cars for New Riders (20020720)
Hudson Bergen Light Rail Line Cost Escalation History (010512)
Light Rail Jaguar Slide Updated (20010806)
Light Rail Association: Traffic Reduction Not Main Justification (000406)

Light Rail: The Answer to No Problem (010518)
Sic Transit Light Rail The Weekly Standard Column by Wendell Cox (000720)
Light Rail: Wrong Exit for Congestion: Wendell Cox Scripps Howard Op-ed (000803)
Large Infrastructure Project Forecasts: Major Inaccuracies
Court Requires San Antonio Transit Agency to Tell Both Sides on Light Rail (000416)

US Light Rail Costs Rising 20% Annually (000406)
US Light Rail Costs Approach $70 Million per Mile (000406)
Sioux City: Light Rail Absurdity
Orange County Grand Jury Blasts Light Rail
Reprint: Orange County Grand Jury Light Rail Report

Letter to US Vice-President Gore on Erroneous Portland Speech Details (981002)
Why Light Rail Doesn't Work (000317)
Light Rail and Traffic Congestion (000317)
New US Light Rail Volumes Compared to Freeway & Arterial Lanes
St. Louis Light Rail Tax: Where Did All the Money Go?

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