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Denver Demographic Index

Wendell Cox "Urban Sprawl" Address to Independence Institute (000815)
Denver to Spend 50 Times on Transit Relative to Highways
Densification for Denver: More Traffic, Pollution & Social Inequity: PDF (010301)
Densification for Denver: More Traffic, Pollution & Social Inequity (010301)
Portland & Denver Urban Development Trends Compared: Portland Not Superior (010301)

Denver Competitive Tendering Cost Data: 2001 (20030816)
Competition in Urban Public Transport: A World View: Thredbo7 Paper (20010704)
      By Wendell Cox & Brice Duthion (Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers, Paris)
      Paper 7th International Competition & Ownership Conference (Molde, Norway)
Denver Competitive Tendering Mandate Raised from 20% to 35%

Denver Competitive Tendering 1988-1998 Summary
Denver Competitive Tendering 1999 Results
Competitive Contracting in Denver: 1997 TRB Presentation
Denver Competitive Tendering Savings $88 Million
Competitive Tendering Profile: Denver Savings Rise

Denver Corrects Legislative Report, Buys Buses
Competitive Tendering: International Summary
Legislation to Expand Competitive Tendering and Regulate Costs
Competitively Tendered Paratransit Savings 30 Percent
Letter to the Rocky Mountain News on Denver Competitive Contracting (000513)

Denver: Downtown (CBD) Public Transport Market Share by Transp. Analysis Zones
Transit Work Trip Market Share Trends Downward in All US New Rail Cities
Work Trip Market Share: CBD/Central City/Suburban
Denver Public Transport Commuter Income by Work Location

Denver: Officials Must Abandon Anti-Auto Evangelism (010227)
Light Rail Costs Rising 20% Annually (000406)
Light Rail Costs Approach $70 Million per Mile (000406)
New US Light Rail Volumes Compared to Freeway & Arterial Lanes
Light Rail Tax Defeated in Denver
Denver Limits Rail Election Political Contributions

Legislation to Expand Competitive Tendering and Regulate Costs

To facilitate the ideal of government as the servant of the people by identifying and implementing
strategies to achieve public purposes at a cost that is no higher than necessary.
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